NMACC : A New Era of Indian Art & culture


NMACC Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural center is a modern multipurpose and advanced technology equiped plateform for promoting of Indian art & culture.

An ode to our nation, the NMA CC is our commitment to preserve and promote Indian arts.

– Nita M Ambani
Founder & Chairperson

What is NMACC.

It is a cultural center started by Nita M ambani for performance and visual arts. CC located in Mumbai is mainly created for promoting and preserving Indian art & culture. I will provide a great plateform for artists and performers as well as an greate opportunity for art lovers. It will be the main cultural venture of a much larger commercial development project envisioned and funded by Nita Ambani—the Jio World Centre lacated at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC).

Nita Ambani, who is a great art lover and also a former Indian classical dancer stated that she hopes the NMACC “will make art more accessible to all Indians while connecting Indian contemporary artists/designers with the rest of the world”. She is also board member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

NMA CC Campus

Photo courtesy of the NMA CC

This cultural center is Located in the Jio center campus BKC Mumbai. This is developed in the wide area 18.5 acre & it among the largest convention centre in India. It includes a vast ballroom, large apartment complexes including retail also with dining facilities.

Grand Theator

NMA CC having a grand stage for perfoming visual arts. It is equipped with modern art technologies alon with Automatic Inteligence capabilities. It contains ontain 1,500 sqm of multipurpose-built exhibition space and 3 theatres. The largest among 3 is a 2,000 seat “bigger than Broadway” space, will include an installation on its ceiling made of 8,400 Swarovski crystals in a lotus petal formation, according to a press release. Integrated with Integrated Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System & Assistive listening devices is One of the stand-out features of the theatre is the special absorbent wood that reduces reflections and makes the stage the centre piece for your ears too.

Based on media consumption patterns of the modern art era, The Grand Theatre is equipped with integrated recording and projection facilities, along with dedicated translation booths

Diamond Boxes

Diamond boxes are premium & exclusive spaces for art lovers which will provide an unique and rich experience of performances. There are 18 Diamond Boxes available including at both sides of grand stage in NMACC. The Diamond Box experience includes a special and exclusively prepared menu of rare and royal Indian with International food. Guests also having choice to pick from al a carte menu and choose from extensive selection of osf drinks. They just need to place their exclusive order before starting the show or during intermission. Diamon box can be a lifetime and royal experience.


For art lovers and Audience

NMACC is is a marvel of Ambanian futurism and superabundance, comprising four floors of state-of-the-art exhibition rooms and three theatres. Meticulously designed for immersive experiences, every performance at The Grand Theatre is magical, thanks to a combination of a world-class integrated Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System and Virtual Acoustic System, ingenious seating arrangement and a special programmable lighting system. The latter is enhanced by 8,400+ Swarovski crystals that create a unique yet multidimensional experience.

Art lovers and audience who want to experience the rich art and culture exposure at NMACC and explore the upcoming show and timing details on the NMACC. You can select your preferred seats while booking a show at The Grand Theatre. The Studio Theatre and The Cube have free seating. We recommend arriving early to be able to pick out your seats. For art exhibitions, you can select a specific time slot of your convenience. You can visit us on weekdays to avoid peak timings.

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